Popper Thunder Ball 10 ml

We won’t be responsible for any misuse according to your personal health status and side effect problem. If the problem still exists, please kindly consult to your physician immediately.

Please keep out reach of children & for adult use only. Discontinue use if you experienced any adverse reaction to this product. If the problem still exists, please kindly seek for your physician immediately. This product is highly not recommended for people with heart disease or serious hypertension problem.

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Popper Thunder Ball 10 ml
Poppers are a liquid chemical that can give an instant high when inhaled. Other names for it are amyl nitrate, butyl nitrite. The effects of poppers appear quickly and include dizziness, warm sensations and increased heart rate.

How does it works
Dilate the blood vessels and allow more blood to get to the heart.

Effects of usage:
● Sense of intoxication or euphoria
● Longer and stronger orgasm feel
● Stronger erection for some people
● Enhanced sexual experiences
● Vasodilation with warm sensations
● Relaxation of anal sphincter

● Shouldn’t take them if you have problems with your blood pressure
● Shouldn’t take them if you are on any blood pressure medication
● Shouldn’t mix them with alcohol or any Erectile Dysfunction (ED) medication

● Can kill you if you drink them
● Can burn your skin on contact
● Can cause nausea, headache, and disorientation
● Can cause blood pressure drop to a dangerous level
● May cause temporary and permanent loss of vision
● May lose consciousness and could die through choking
● May cause unconsciousness and death due to reduced oxygen supply to vital organs
● May cause fatal “sudden sniffing death syndrome” due to development of an abnormal heart rhythm

Just sniff directly from the bottle.